My name is Jaime.P1070179copy

I put things on paper.

I also press the REC button.

For my writing/video portfolio, please visit jcruz.myportfolio.com

Super Fancy Bio

Jaime Cruz is a writer/videographer from Wyoming. His plays have received productions at the University of Wyoming, Evergreen College, Rain City Projects/Annex Theater and the Las Vegas Little Theater, as well as readings at the Seattle Repertory Theater Poncho Forum, the Last Frontier Conference in Alaska, the American College Theater Festival at the Kennedy Center. He has also worked on educational commissions for the University of Wyoming and actively works with the Casper Children’s Theater on theater for young audiences.  Jaime was recently a semifinalist for the Screamcraft Horror Contest for The Inherited, a coming of age supernatural thriller screenplay. He was also the national winner of the inaugural NAPAT Playwriting Award, and has been a KCACTF national finalist for the John Cauble Award for his short play, Dead in the Kitchen. He studied acting at Casper College, and earned his BFA in playwriting/directing at the University of Wyoming.

Jaime, alongside his wife Maddie, strive to produce wedding and event videography of the highest quality as co-owners of Jaime Cruz Videography LLC. Jaime has been writing and directing from an early age, and throughout his artistic development in college. His short film At a Distance premiered at the Sheridan Filmmaker’s Festival, and his feature length, music-video film Nowhere People opened the Laramie Film Festival recently. He also created The Cultured Animal Sessions, a web series briefly showcasing musicians/songwriters in Seattle and now, local artists in Wyoming.

Artistic Statement

I’d still be doing this, even if I didn’t want to. I find my truth and the truth of the world around me in little big plays. I like the surreal, the unlikely, the divine showing up in the ordinary. I am a working class artist. I come from a family of Mariachis and hardworking women. I write about that, and I write about things I want to learn about. Early on, I found myself thinking about cultures clashing, in a land of sagebrush and cowboys. That’s why I write stories that humanize The Other. We need them now more than ever. Whether I like it or not, my work has been informed by the island of my Latinidad in this beautiful state I call home. I write because I want to show an audience what we have in common, regardless of race, class or what side of the border we started on. I would like to keep doing this, even if the world keeps telling me to stop. I think I will: for my wife and son, and for my family. I will continue to develop the tools of my craft, collaborate with friends old and new, and will remind you that there is beauty in the nooks and crannies.


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